BackPainGone™ – The Best Back Support Belts for Hidden Relief!
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BackPainGone™ – The Best Back Support Belts for Hidden Relief!


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  •  Relax lumbar muscle spasm, strain and pain!Lower back pain is a very common problem that you’re more than likely to experience during your lifetime.The significant prevalence of back pain is in part due to the large number of potential causes, which include things like everyday strains, tears or herniations of the discs in your back and sciatica.

    In addition, people who are older, overly tall, overweight or constantly work with bad posture are more likely to suffer from back pain. With all these risk factors, it’s clear why this condition affects so many people. 

    With more than 4,300 five-star reviews from users, there’s plenty of evidence that says the BackPainGone™ is going to provide the support for your back you’re after.



    • After inflated, it can provide a traction and enough decompression for waist spine to elongate the intervertebral space in lumbar spine, and to reduce vertebral burden & alleviate back pain.
    • It can relax lumbar muscle spasm, strain and pain.
    • Reliable to help relief pain of degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, sciatica, spondylolysis, pain in back, hip, thighs, legs and feet caused by bulging discs and herniated discs.
    • Design to maintain proper posture, help intervertebral disc, nucles pulposus back to its natural position.
    • Equip with hand pump to adjust air pressure manually. With air pressure gauge to monitor the whole process.
    • Comes with an extend belt, you can adjust the size to fit you well. can fit 29 to 49 inch waists,
    • Suits people who doing strenous work, heavy lifting, driving, and people with upper disease. Can be used at home, office, car, standing or sitting use acceptable.Light-weight, can be wear over thin clothes.
    • Good product, reliable with FDA and CE certificates.



    • Strengthen back and core.
    • Stretch tight lower back muscles.
    • Relieve lower back pain and stiffness.
    • Improve nutrient flow on your spine.
    • The belt transfers the weight off your spine.
    • Lift upper body weight off lower back.
    • Reduce pain and pressure on pinched nerves.
    • Decompress lower back joints and spinal discs.
    • Stabilize lower back and improve posture.
    • Decompress the spine allowing for discs to return to normal.
    • Help relieve pressure off pinched nerves.



    • This belt cannot be immersed into water to wash it.
    • Please measure your waistline to ensure that your belt size is correct.

    Package Content:

    • 1 Lumbar traction belt
    • 1 Hand air pump
    • 1 Extend belt
    • 1 User manual
    • 1 Storage bag

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