EasySlicer™- Multi-function Fruit & Vegetable Sheet Slicer
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EasySlicer™- Multi-function Fruit & Vegetable Sheet Slicer



Vegetable and fruit cutter to create ultra-thin strips and slices. Innovative mandolin for cutting zucchini, potatoes, beets, apples, etc.

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Vegetable and fruit cutter to create ultra-thin strips and slices. Innovative mandolin for cutting zucchini, potatoes, beets, apples, etc. A culinary assistant that gives amazing results: in layers or rolls, ideal for a healthy and low carb cuisine.

Multi-function Sheet Slicers

This veggie slicer is constructed with fine sharp cutters that cut vegetables and fruits into wafer-thin sheets. The slicer can cut an array of vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, zucchini, beetroot, apples, pears, and many more.

Perfect Cutter Tool

Perfect to use for your everyday cooking, this veggie slicer adds a healthy touch to your everyday meals. Add some ingredients and spice things, then roll up, make a more creative and appealing look to your dishes.

Wide Occasions and Items

Enjoy spiralized vegetables such as zucchini spaghetti pasta, potatoes, squash noodles, beets, carrots, cucumbers, and more. Great for your healthy raw, vegan, low carb, gluten-free, or paleo diet.

A Culinary Assistant with Amazing Results

This veggie slicer is constructed with fine sharp cutters that cut vegetables and fruits into wafer-thin sheets. Made of good quality material, stylish design, safe and non-toxic, convenient to use.

Great for Your Everyday Cooking

This veggie slicer adds fresh to your everyday meals. Live a healthy life and create nice-looking, delicious, attractive meals for both adults and kids.


170 reviews for EasySlicer™- Multi-function Fruit & Vegetable Sheet Slicer

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  10. Enwanak Shopper

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    I’m fast. All right. Cut well.

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    I can’t shape the vegetables as shown in the ad. not a quality product. I do not suggest.

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    Little vegetables or fruits pass in very small

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    Top Products Top Services Top Seller Top Shipping.

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    the blade itself is not sharp enough so it ends up crushing the vegetables you want to slice instead of cutting it.

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    A little mixed, walking for food not too soft, but the quality leaves me puzzled

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    Second time I buy this item. They’re super practical.

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    The box came a little crumpled, for a gift this will not work. But the goods seem to be without damage. For strength, we will try in the case.

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    Works good but you need to center the fruit/vegetable or it won’t work very well. It fruit or vegetables are not perfectly round they won’t cut properly either so using potatoes can be difficult. Very easy to use. Cleaning can be a pain as water gets stuck inside so you have to shake it all out

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    I appreciate the manual in French. Simple job. Actually gives a special flavor (try with an apple).

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    The order arrived within two weeks. The track number was fine. Quality is good. My wife will check and I will unsubscribe. The seller is a respect and respect.

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