EndoBooster™ – Relieve Headache & Help Reduce Sleep Disturbances!
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EndoBooster™ – Relieve Headache & Help Reduce Sleep Disturbances!


(90 customer reviews)

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    With EndoBooster™, say goodbye to headache, tension, anxiety, depression, fatigue… For Ever!

    Easily relieve your headache, tension, anxiety, depression, fatigue, which can effectively help reduce sleep disturbances like insomnia and improve overall sleep quality.

    EndoBooster™ provides TSNS stimulation wave to increase the secretion of endorphin in the brain and block the transmission of pain nerves to easily relieve your headache and fatigue, which can effectively help reduce sleep disturbances like insomnia and improve overall sleep quality.



    1. Safe and painless, head wearing device can directly enable physical treatment, staying away from drugs, no side effects caused and less patient burden.

    2. Three modes are available for free options: Sleeping Mode, Stress Reduction Mode, Relief Mode, you can choose freely according to your demands.

    3. Simple to operate with button control, instant to switch modes, power on/off, increase or decrease the intensity for custom fit.

    4. Elastic strap with adjustable buckle can be widely compatible with different head sizes, lightweight and portable for application breeze.

    5. USB powered design, only 1 to 2 hours needed for charging with high efficiency, supports to be used up to 20 times(15 minutes per time) after fully charged, convenient to charge via your power adapter, power bank, and so on.


    How to Use:

    Take out the electronic pad.
    Uncover the protective cover(need to be saved for later use).
    Install the pad to the device.
    Soak forehead with water.
    Wear the device in proper area as picture shows for effective massage.
    Select mode and intensity according to your need.





    Material: ABS+Elastic Strap Color:Pink(As Picture Shown) Input Voltage: 50±02V Input Current: 180mA±30mA Charging Time: 1~2 Hrs Charging Output Port: Standard V8 Port Battery: 200mAh/3.7V Built-in Battery Product Size: 145*50*38mm

    Packag Contents:

    1* Electric Head Massager 1* USB Cable

90 reviews for EndoBooster™ – Relieve Headache & Help Reduce Sleep Disturbances!

  1. A***e

    I receive only one white sponge pads not 2 and not working led is OK button off on ok but no any massage i need more explications please

  2. R***r

    The massager really liked, easy to control, came quickly. I would like to complete the adapter for charging, and I would like the instruction more

  3. S***u

    Fais un peu mal au début

  4. R***e

    I have not tried this out yet, looks like photos, came with instructions, will repost later if it works.

  5. s***c

    Le produit est arrivé hs après ouverture d’un litige le produit m’a était remboursé

  6. s***c

    The product arrived hs

  7. G***o

    Recently, migraines have become quite frequent, they recommended a cephalic hoop on the Internet, like it helps a lot, after thinking it decided to look for ALI – and there really is a budget analogue, which I ordered without hesitation. And it really works, the symptoms, namely the headache, relieves in 5 minutes, and is already full of strength and there is a desire to do something further. There was no such effect from drugs, and just rest did not give such an effect. Of course, all this is individual. But I’m happy with the purchase. It remains to check how to fall asleep with it. Because insomnia is the same torment!

  8. N***i

    works fine. The massage isn’t as strong as I expected, but it helps with mild headaches.

  9. V***

    Received the goods during. I haven’t checked yet. I’ll check it out.

  10. f***r

    Perfect. But they should include in the description that spare parts patches are needed. It’s a fact that the buyer should know.

  11. I***r

    Arrived but still not tested. Test experience follows another.

  12. Enwanak Shopper

    Received not tried yet

  13. T***i

    The product itself is ok, but on/off and speed switching is Noisy as hell and you cant turn it off and its really disturbing and disappointing.

  14. G***a

    Got all during, but only one side works. Pulsation on one side.

  15. m***o

    It’s exactly the same as in the image and description.

  16. Enwanak Shopper

    Thank you

  17. E***a

    looks like the photo. a friend tried, said that with wine and massage, it was wonderful relaxing. this has never happened. I don’t understand switching modes, they poked anything, turned it on, and it was good.

  18. Enwanak Shopper

    Arrived after two months, all seems to work well m should I still try it.

  19. M***z

    Perfect. Not yet tested

  20. Enwanak Shopper

    Similar to sample

  21. M***z

    Perfetto. Non ancora provato

  22. m***m

    It’s all good, but I did not notice the effect of curative.

  23. I***m

    It is not clear what to do with it

  24. E***a

    I feel almost nothing, and the wife, who has migraines, says that it is very unpleasant Colet)) refuses to use (

  25. s***a

    Item not pleasant. Not curative. Made test, negative, painful. Slow shipment.

  26. Enwanak Shopper

    It got here fast and poorly packed but it’s in one piece and functioning. There’s a tingling sensation after using it and I feel a little bit relaxed. I’ll keep using it to see if it helps with my insomnia and I’ll update the review. But so far I like it!

  27. f***r

    Everything comes as it is in the picture, but it does nothing, I don’t know if it’s meant to be or it doesn’t work. I can’t value it any other way.

  28. d***n

    super-fast delivery to romania

  29. Enwanak Shopper

    I didn’t like it, because the feeling is weird. But it’s my feeling. The truth is that the seller has sent the product fast and the machine is just as it puts in the description

  30. l***l

    Very good device. You need to use it every day, it’s fast.

  31. P***.

    It seemed to be a good product but I did not arrive and the seller kindly made the return to my bank but it I need it so I’ll ask again

  32. Enwanak Shopper

    lessens migraine. I like it!

  33. E***h

    Very fast delivery. Miniature.

  34. V***z

    I got him 25 this month and he had delivery date 30 this month
    What I would like to know how long the patches last to buy more or not

  35. F***z

    It came a little scratched, but it works.

  36. M***R

    Very good product, very fast shipping. The only bad thing is that it doesn’t feet the shape of my forehead, so i don’t get the massage in all the places i should.

  37. Enwanak Shopper

    Received the goods 20.01. It’s been a long time. In the description as the seller said. The wire is short but it’s not so important, everything is in the kit. In working order. Let’s see how it works. Thank you

  38. f***f

    نعم ممتاز

  39. H***e

    Very quick to arrive

  40. N***

    Muchas gracias por su atención excelente servicio

  41. i***i

    Thank you very much for the fast delivery!!!

  42. U***r

    strange tickling sensation on forhead but works

  43. G***n

    Nothing felt when I put it on my head ….

  44. Enwanak Shopper

    Product description and same as only being should replace accessories written after after use with

  45. E***a

    Liked the work, it became easier with a headache

  46. K***e

    great, item received quickly. Haven’t tried it yet.

  47. A***i

    It works. Thats the only good thing I can say about this decice. It gives you painful electric shocks, I think its dangerous and should not be used. Don’t buy!

  48. s***o

    Igual ha imagem. Funciona. Adorei

  49. S***l

    Super fast
    Thank you

  50. c***n

    very happy thanks seller.

  51. Н***а

    it works, but can’t check if it helps right now ) thank you

  52. Enwanak Shopper

    All very well, as the publicity says.

  53. i***a

    It was written 3 patches, came 1, in the description, now, there is one (((

  54. Enwanak Shopper

    Product is very well! I recommend
    Am very happy so

  55. J***k

    Description and features consistent with the description. Current about light voltage and amperage. Whether meets task with time to find.

  56. Enwanak Shopper

    Kind of helps…

  57. i***i

    Thank you for the fast delivery! I was waiting for this device. Red color-charging. When the device is charged, the light will hang out. Blue color is working mode.
    Checked to Mode 4… On the 3rd Light turkeys in the area of hair growth and forehead. On the 4th tingling and a little painful… The feeling that the hair is moving)) it seems to me that pain can be in people with sinusite, but it’s OK. Do not tighten tight belt!!
    I’ll try to sleep tonight! I’ll add some feedback.

  58. K***

    exactly as ordered

  59. E***r

    It took about 4 weeks for the order to arrive. It was just delivered in a thin plastic bag. But fortunately it was not damaged. I tried to switch it on, and it worked. But I haven’t really tried it yet. I will add feedback when I finally try it out.

  60. f***l

    Everything suits me, pulse massage. I tried on myself and my wife-they were satisfied, in short everything is OK!

  61. E***o

    Same as the ad. Arrived fast and working well. Will test to see if my headaches improve.

  62. T***n

    I got it, everything is as described. Delivery-just under a month. Recommend!

  63. E***a

    The adhesive was not well adjusted head, put a support underneath. Used once before sleeping and gives a feeling of relaxation.

  64. R***r

    It is not very clear how to switch the declared 3 modes. When you click on the specified button, the difference did not feel. Special effect from use too.

  65. F***N

    Good but the effect on my migraines is regular.

  66. j***e

    Product delivered complete. Working to test will give my final evaluation

  67. s***s

  68. Enwanak Shopper

    Very good

  69. F***r

    Object of torture really, did not buy

  70. n***e

    good one, Happy about it.

  71. i***a

    2 weeks before the MSC, it works,

  72. r***r

    You returned item at timely matter on 11/14/2020 at 11.09am. Tracking number 1ZE73A900389226773 in a box 10’10’10. Paid shipping plus box fee of $13.97. All together box contains 4 returned items. I have all the proof and demand my refund.

  73. b***e


  74. c***r

    Product conforms to the description

  75. k***y

    Very good thank you

  76. L***a

    The device came quickly, well packed with instruction in English. In the kit everything is as described. I put it on charge. My head hurts… I’ll try it now. I’ll unsubscribe.

  77. c***n

    haven’t used yet more feedback later.

  78. S***n

    Received no cenor tried
    But how long for us to change the small patch of contact?

  79. g***r

    The parcel came quickly.

  80. A***o

    Super fast shipping! In the case did not check

  81. J***n

    EXCELLENT !! Thank you

  82. a***a

    Although the description is perfect results were not expected.

  83. S***v

    Came a massager in integrity, has not yet tried to be treated, there is no instruction how to insert magnets. And where to get spare, because their use is up to 50 times?

  84. L***s

    I’m good to try.

  85. i***a

    The charger does not fit, I use my own, with migraine, it becomes easier

  86. Enwanak Shopper

    Hello to you. I thank you for your product and I am honored to deal with you again. I am late to write to you about the quality of the product that I bought from your company for the purpose of investing and purchasing larger quantities of your products and your wonderful products. It is good to deal with you and buy with you.

  87. S***r


  88. m***n

    It’s what they physically promise. But at least it doesn’t take my headache away or relax me.

  89. M***k

    Wow! This is one of the best products I have ever bought for migraines. It really helps take the pain away while using it. It gives relief while using, and the pain is definitely better afterwards. Make sure you wet your forehead. At first the intensity is high but you get used to it. Love it!

  90. g***r

    I received the device ‘very satisfied with his work. arrived the parcel 21 days before Khabarovsk. The device really works very well! I don’t have a “and I can’t sleep without sleeping pills… by turning on the apparatus” I fell asleep in 15 minutes without sleeping pills.

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